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MMS not sending


MMS not sending

So, problem....  I've tried sending a couple of photos to friends via text (one on ATT and one on Sprint) and have had no luck.  Started on 11/3 and so far still hasn't wanted to work; tried again tonight.  Haven't checked yet to see if i can recieve any pics.  First couple times it tried sending and the status would change to "queued for sending", sit like that for a while and finally come back saying "could not send."  Regular texts have been sending and receiving with no problems.  Tonight, I got a message saying "could not send. will send when network is available."  (text is currently saying "sending")  So, was I correct in assuming it was an issue with the network?  I'd been sending and receiving photos just fine until now.  And, if it is a network issue.....well, of course my next question is whether or not it's being fixed?!  heh.  Phone's an Xperia Play, btw, if that helps any.  Any suggestions or insights welcome.  Thanks!

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Re: MMS not sending

Sounds like it is a network related problem. If you didn't already try doing so, power your Play off for a few minutes, then turn it back on. That may resolve the issue by forcing the phone to update it's registration on the network.
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