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MMS issue - can't send to certain destinations


MMS issue - can't send to certain destinations

We had to downgrade from iPhones to SE W518a "feature" phones, and now I'm having trouble sending media to certain places. I have an email address on twitpic where I can usually send pictures, and (after downgrading) got an email address to send recordings to I've verified that I have the right twitpic address at least 10 times, and loaded the audioboo address via vcard so I know that one's right. Then I tried setting up on Tumblr and I can send both pictures and audio there, no problem. Also no problem with MMS to other phones.


Is there a limit to the number of characters in the name of an email address with MMS? That's the only thing I can see in common here:


Tumblr:    8 chars     <- works

Phones:   10 digits   <- works

Twitpic:  17 chars    <- doesn't work

Audioboo: huge string <- doesn't work


Could it be a limitation of MMS, or is it just a problem with my phone? I wouldn't bother with MMS if Mobile Email would allow attaching files.

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Re: MMS issue - can't send to certain destinations

If it's a limitation of MMS-to-email (I don't know either way), there might be a workaround.  It's a bit ugly, but it might work.


Instead of sending directly to the email addresses you were given, send it to an address that you own.  Include some special tag.  Set up rules in your email program or online management: If a message contains this tag, forward to this address.


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