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MMS and Data issues


MMS and Data issues

so, seems like us iphone users are not the only one with ghost using the data. i have a pantech P7000 and for the last 5 months i have been getting a $2 data usage charge. a few of the days that data has been used my kid was either at school or out of state at her grandparents. apparently AT&T is not smart enough to figure out how to set blocks where internet is not used and still allow use of MMS. i know we have a bunch of verizion people that look here as well as our people looking on their forums. anyone know if it works this way with them. after 12 year with the AT&T family (bellsouth mobility, cingular, at&t) i feel that they should treat customers a little better. does anyone know how to go in and flash the phone with a new rom that i can lock out internet and keep the MMS?

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Re: MMS and Data issues

I have a Samsung Eternity and it's pretty easy to prevent data use while keeping MMS. Try looking in your settings for some kind of network settings. Then, if there's a network profiles option, make a new profile but leave it completely blank. Then set MediaNet to use that profile instead of the default one, but keep MMS on the MMS profile. This way, when you try using the browser, it wont be able to connect, but when sending an MMS it will.

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