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MMS - Unsupported Media Type - HTC Inspire


MMS - Unsupported Media Type - HTC Inspire

I seem to have difficulties receiving an MMS from an iPhone. The picture comes across as a slide show. When I attempt to view it I get an error stating that it is an "Unsupported Media Type". This only seems to occur when the sender is using an iPhone. Friends with other phones can send me pics just fine. Thoughts?

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Re: MMS - Unsupported Media Type - HTC Inspire

I have this error also - however, my error comes when viewing the slideshow on my HTC Inspire, of pictures just taken with my HTC Inspire, and sent to my mother (who also has this error and cannot view the photos) who is using an HTC Inspire.


Safe to say, I believe the issue is with the HTC Inspire.

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Re: MMS - Unsupported Media Type - HTC Inspire

the iPhone for whatever reason ignores the 600kb limit if mms. this sometimes causes an issue when received. some carriers however will take the file and compress so it downloads properly.

my friend has an iPhone and her pictures sent through MMS are about 1.2MB . now when she sends to her boyfriend he can't download because of the oversized image. my android phone which when rooted and running a custom ROM can receive the image no problem because the limitation was removed.

apple or at&t need to correct this.
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