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MMS Settings Needed (Help!)


MMS Settings Needed (Help!)

Hello Everyone,


I recently acquired an unlocked Samsung Ch@t 355 (S3350) that will be used as a GoPhone because many of the phones available from AT&T were did not fit my needs.


Because the phone is unlocked, MMS and browser settings are not programmed in the phone and I can't seem to find the proper configurations anywhere online. AT&T will not help either, because they do not support the phone.

Does anyone know the correct MMS settings for the phone?


The Multimedia Message Profiles settings menu gives you these fields to be filled.


Message Settings


Set name:

Home URL:

Bearer: GRPS (This field cannot be changed)

Proxy: (Only options are on/off)

Address: (Only numbers are accepted)

Port: (Only numbers are accepted)

Linger Time (Sec): (Only numbers are accepted)

DNS: (Only options are on/off)

DNS 1: (Only numbers are accepted)

DNS 2:  (Only numbers are accepted)
Access Name:

User ID:



Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,





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