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MMS Limitations?


MMS Limitations?

There are a couple issues I've noticed with the iPhone and MMS.  The first issue is when you receive a MMS that contains text/pic/sound, you cannot forward such a message to anybody.  Once you select one of the media files (pic/sound) and then click on the other, the "forward" is disabled.  For example, I select the text and pic but, when I go to select the sound, "forward" is disabled.  No matter which way I do it, that happens.  Is this an Apple bug or something AT&T requested...I never had the issue on older phones (non-iPhones).


The other issue of forwarding MMS is that I can't seem to forward to more then 2 people at a time.  Is this another Apple bug or something that AT&T requested?


Anyone have any ideas?  I appreciate any input.  Thanks.

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Re: MMS Limitations?

You can certainly call it a bug, but more accurately it is the way Apple has designed MMS to work in iOS.

If you have a message with multiple attachments, you can only forward one attachment at a time.


You can always leave feedback for Apple, via their website.

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Re: MMS Limitations?

Well, I've been able to send multiple pictures in one MMS. It's just when mixing pics and audio.
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Re: MMS Limitations?

Its not a bug and not something AT&T requested (AT&T would be happy charging you for each recipient it's sent to).


Its just how Apple designed their application.  As suggest if it's something you would like changed, leave feedback on Apple's site letting them know.  The more people (and by more I mean a lot Smiley Surprised ) that request it the more chance there is for Apple to do something.


Apple is more about what they feel you need than what you want.


Here is the Address for their iPhone feedback page:

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Re: MMS Limitations?

I appreciate the feedback on this.  I guess I will just have to message Apple and hope to God my prayers get answered. Smiley Wink

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