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MMS Lg Thrive

Hi everybody. I'm having problem downloading pictures from my text messages, anybody knows how can I  see the images or pics? I click in download and in fact say that it's in process but nothing happen. if somebody could help me with this issue, thank you very much! sarita

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Re: MMS Lg Thrive

Do you have an active 3G/2G data connection when you attempt to download the pictures?
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: MMS Lg Thrive

I have the same problem.  I get mms txt messages but when I try to download them it seems to go to the process but doesn't download at all.  I downloaded an app called "SAVE MMS". This helped, however you need to make sure that your "Data Network" is on.  If not on you won't be able to download at all.  The only downside to having "Data Network" on is the LG Thrive will access the internet on its own and charge you for data.  This just happened to me.  It charged me without me even knowing.  Will try to get refunded, I hope, and fix this.

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