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MCell + FIOS Actiontec Router + Sound problems...


MCell + FIOS Actiontec Router + Sound problems...

Okay, I have had an Mcell for about two years now, but never managed to make it work properly. My connections in my house are: Actiontec Router in a basement (no sateillte signal), and then upstairs I have an Airport Extreme in bridged mode. The only way I have been able to make the MCell work successfully is by connecting the MCell to the Airport extreme. There is no signal in the basement to get the MCell working.


Now, when I do this, it works - except there is a significant delay with voice (~1-1.5 seconds), and anywhere from 10 seconds to a few minutes into the call, the sound will suddenly get extremely garbled and I have to hang up and redial. If this is a known issue, can I resolve this without doing the "alternate connection" in the manual?


I can't do the alternate connection, because my FIOS modem *is* the router. There is no way to put it inbetween, as far as I know.


Please help. My service in my house has gone from terrible (almost every call I make or recieve drops ~1-3 times). I only have two spots I can attempt to make a call. And suddenly, in the last few weeks, it's gotten worse, and I can barely make any phone calls. I've had to go stand on my street to make two business calls yesterday.

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Re: MCell + FIOS Actiontec Router + Sound problems...

So... nobody?

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Re: MCell + FIOS Actiontec Router + Sound problems...

I don't know if this will help in your situation but let me pass along the configuration I'm using here with which the MicroCell works pretty much as advertised.  


I too have FiOS.  After experimenting with several locations in our house, for best coverage I settled on placing the MC in the middle of our rectangular shaped home.   My Actiontec router is at the far end of the house.   Rather than running Ethernet cable from the router at one end of the house to the middle, where the MC is located, I used existing coax that feeds my FiOS set top box near that same middle-of-the-house location.


The key piece of hardware is an Actiontec ECB2200 MoCA adapter:  It will let you get an Ethernet connection to your router via coax that you have running to feed a TV anywhere in your house.


If you have coax running to a set top box in a room where you might get better coverage from your MicroCell, you can split the output from that coax using a simple coax 1-to-2 splitter, feed the set top box with one output from the splitter and the ECB2200 from the other output, and then feed the MicroCell from the Ethernet output of the ECB2200.


This method would let you essentially connect your MicroCell directly to your Actiontec router without going through your Airport Extreme.


As I said at the beginning of this post, I don't know if this configuration change will help in your situation.    From reading some of the posts on this forum it's always seemed to me that for some mysterious reason, MC performance varies with geographical location.  Or you might have a defective MicroCell.  But using the setup I am using, I don't have any of the problems you describe.   Calls through the MicroCell just work with my wife's iPhone 4, my Pantech Reveal, and numerous other phones that I add as guests from time-to-time.


edit:  An afterthought:   Have you tried, as a troubleshooting step, temporarily removing the Airport Extreme from the setup and connecting the Ethernet cable used to feed it directly to the MicroCell?


And do you have the MicroCell and the Airport Extreme separated by at least several feet?



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