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M-Cell and Hughes Net


M-Cell and Hughes Net

Has anyone here had the opportunity to try out microcell with Hughes Net satellite internet?


I have signed up for the 1.7K service but the upload speed is in the 200's. It may be too slow.


Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

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Re: M-Cell and Hughes Net

AT&T clearly says it won't work with satellite based internet. You need a DSL, Cable or Fiber connection.

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Re: M-Cell and Hughes Net

Thanks for the quick reply.


Unfortunately, my DSL is only 256 up/down so that won't work.

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Re: M-Cell and Hughes Net

If you only want to get voice, and only one call at a time, 256k might be enough (DSL not satellite), worth a try and you can alway return it.

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Re: M-Cell and Hughes Net

Ok.. I have Hughesnet and an AT&T Micro Cell Tower hooked to it.  It does work for data and text.   I have barely one bar of EDGE service where I live here in the sticks.  I needed to be able to send and receive my 6000 text a month here at home and was tired of missing or not getting my texts unless i'm in that "special" spot!  So I bought a micro cell and it absolutely works for just that.  I have a home phone and my cell is forwarded to my home phone.. So voice calls are covered.

So for me, the micro cell tower works for my needs using Hughesnet. 

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Re: M-Cell and Hughes Net

I imagine the problem with voice is the latency. Phone calls probably work, but probably would be unbearable with constantly interrupting the other party like a bad international call. The Microcell used to have that problem even with proper Internet connectivity, but that's one of the problems they seem to have solved.
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