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Lumia 900 vibration rattle?


Lumia 900 vibration rattle?

Anyone else experiencing a vibration rattle? The noise it makes is not just horrible, its downright annoying. I was at a library today and a librarian heard it 15 feet away. 


Seems like a widespread issue:


Can anyone at AT&T confirm if you have this issue on your devices? Or anyone else who has this problem?


Some people say it's a camera rattling, but if this issue is on all Lumias, does anyone from AT&T know if next batch of phones have this problem?



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Re: Lumia 900 vibration rattle?

I just saw a video on it last night:


Download "simple vibrator" in the marketplace (free) and try it out. I doesn't rattle on my phone.

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Re: Lumia 900 vibration rattle?

I also have this issue.. it has been said that it is the auto focus lense.. 


if you hold your phone flat with screen facing up.. and shake it.. you can hear it.


kinda a bummer.. makes an otherwise awesome phone feel a little cheaper.. if they address the issue ill try for an exchange.. other wise ill deal with it. 

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Re: Lumia 900 vibration rattle?

Why was this moved to OS section? This is clearly a hardware issue.

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Re: Lumia 900 vibration rattle?

This is a copy of a post I've put elsewhere, on other forums.  It is not spam, I just don't feel like re-typing it, but I want to get this out there:


I went to 3 different AT&T stores (South New Jersey, outside of Philadelphia) looking for a white L-900 to replace mine that has the issue with the camera lens/vibration rattling.  One store had 2 white phones in stock, plus the display model.  The second and third store had no stock of the white phone.  All of the white display models had the same issue.
I was met with everything from indifference to "You switched from an iPhone 4 to thatWhy?"
In the first store, the salesperson just tried to rush me out of the store as quickly as possible.  Telling me that I should just call Nokia.  When I mentioned that their display model suffered from the issue, he just shrugged.
In the second store, I actually got someone to listen, but it took some effort to get him to get another phone and test it for me.  It also had the issue.  Again, I was told to call Nokia to "make sure they're aware of the issue."
The third store was where I was asked why I would do something such as buy a Lumia and told that I should've waited for the new (HTC, I believe?) Windows phone which will "be awesome because it has a 16MP camera."
I really hope AT&T/Nokia pull their heads out of the sand on this one.  They were quick to acknowledge the data connection issues, but not this.  Possibly because it doesn't affect the use of the phone?  Possibly because the phone was eventually free to a for a lot of people?  I"m not sure.
What I do know is that I love this phone (despite it's flaws) and that I would LOVE to talk it up and recommend it to people.  But, I can't honestly sing this phone's praises, and won't attempt to sell people on it because of these issues.  I'm positive that I'm not the only person that feels this way.  This can do nothing to help the efforts of Microsoft/Nokia.
I am disappoint.

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Re: Lumia 900 vibration rattle?

**Update** Lumia 900 Vibrate-Rattle problem Mon 4-30-2010 12:00 PM EST

I have a Lumia 900 with the vibrate-rattle issue and called Nokia US customer service today to see how they can help.

Good News:  Customer service was great, she listened, was polite, attentive and probably one of the best reasons to own a Lumia 900.

I came from an Iphone and Apple support was always excellent and one of the reasons I stayed with the Iphone for a long time. Most other phone manufacturers are terrible with their customer service but now I can attest for a fact that Nokia is destined for great things in the future due to their responsiveness to my ( our ) concerns.

Bad News: The Nokia representative spoke with the resident Lumia 900 expert while I was on hold and both of them said that this is the first time they have heard of this issue! It seems like the forum postings may not be the best way to bring this very real and palpable issue to the attention of Nokia.

I am urging everyone who has the problem to call Nokia at 888-665-4228 then go through the phone menus and get to phone customer support and speak to a Nokia rep about the vibrate-rattle problem on the Lumia 900. Also, insist on giving the rep your phones IMEI number, which is the unique identification number for your phone which can be found in settings - about - more info (button)

Lets all pull together to help Nokia to identify and fix the problem for us!

And why do we want to do this?

Because the Windows Phone operating system and the Lumia 900 are just the best combination of phone and OS that I have seen to date and I'm a techie who has had them all.

Windows Phone OS has a real shot at becoming one of the top two major phone ecosystems and Nokia has a real shot  of dominating the Windows Phone ecosystem which is good for us and everyone else!

If Nokia and Microsoft continue to do things right, then we, the users will benefit from and increased supply of apps and services which in turn will make our phone experience better with more capabilities available to us.

An equally important point is the residual value of the handsets we have purchased outright or by way of locking into a two year contract. If this problem is not proactively addressed, within three months it will become fairly common knowledge that the Lumia's have a rattling sound that makes them sound cheap and broken and nobody will want them, new or used. Store reps will talk their customers out of getting the Lumia 900 erasing all the money, time and effort that AT&T, Microsoft and Nokia have invested in promoting this wonderful phone and OS and if anybody is worried about their share price or credit rating, it ought to be Nokia. Ultimately, we, the early adopters, will  be dinged and we don't want that to happen now… at least I don't.

Let me reiterate: The combination of Lumia 900 and Windows Phone 7.5 is spectacular and I personally want to see it succeed, even though I am one of Apple's biggest fans.

HOWEVER, they could really screw this chance up by ignoring things like the vibrate-rattle issue that has no excuse for plaguing the Nokia Microsoft Windows HERO phone. No other phones on the market make that annoying rattle and I can assure you that the noise that the rattle makes was not part of the design specifications. This is clearly an issue that came up in manufacturing, but it is also clearly an issue that should not exist.

I can guarantee you that if Iphones made that annoying broken sounding rattle, there would be an instant mass recall and replacement program launched within a couple of weeks.

Kudos to Nokia for fixing the data connectivity issue so quickly, but I submit that this problem is FAR FAR worse since it involves a mechanical assembly, design or component defect which is unlikely to be easily fixed with a software download.

A FAIL this ridiculous on an opportunity this significant to the future of the Nokia and their shareholders would certainly indicate that management is incompetent. Once the investment community comes to that determination, then the folks at Nokia might as well turn out the lights.

Fellow Lumia 900 owners this is a call to action! We need to work together to help Nokia and Microsoft to make this fantastic mobile ecosystem the success that it has the potential to achieve!


Call Nokia and tell them about this problem 

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