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Lumia 900 release date?


Lumia 900 release date?

Any news on a date when the Lumia 900 will be available in stores? It's been noticeably silent while we wait. (I'm surprised there isn't more noise about it in these forums.)


Anyone? Bueller?

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Re: Lumia 900 release date?

Alot of sites confirm the 18th for $99

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Re: Lumia 900 release date?

The Windows store is saying the 18th also.  The clerks did say that if you get the phone at the MS store or MS online store the phone will not have any bloatware, so thats a big plus.

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Re: Lumia 900 release date?

I don't think thats true.  If they sell the unlocked, then yes, no bloatware.  But if they sell the AT&T phone, it will be just like the one you get in an AT&T store.  Thats a contract issue.....

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Re: Lumia 900 release date?

however, if you get the phone from the microsoft store, chances are you're buying at retail price, which will then make the device unlocked.... which will then... eliminate any bloatware from any carrier.  att or tmo.........


although, i'm still seeing different launch days... and rooting for that $99 price... it'll make it easy to sell, for sure. especially with it being LTE.. can't wait!! my lumia 800 is a beaut.... and so is the 900... can't wait to see it in stores!!!

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Re: Lumia 900 release date?

April 8th is the release date in the US.

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Re: Lumia 900 release date?

My local att wireless has the phones in stock now and available for sale on Sunday the 8th. (There was some consternation that they may not be able to actually sell from the store until Monday but the manager thought that the word would come down that Sunday would be ok to open sales.) there were no Lumia's on display to play with, however, all of the sales staff had them as their primary phones and they were lending them to customers to finger.

Interestingly, there was no signage or advertising of the phone in the store. This appears to be a very quiet roll out.
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