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Lumia 900 Volume Problem


Lumia 900 Volume Problem

I have a Nokia Lumia 900 and I have previously used a device running Windows Phone (Focus).  My problem is that the loudness of the notifications (e.g., texts, emails, etc.) seems unaffected by the volume control and at "normal" settings, is always too loud.  For example, on my old phone, I would routinely set the volume at 15 (out of 30) and the notification volume was fine.  If I needed it louder in a particular situtuation, I would increase the volume.  With the 900, the volume control doesn't seem to have the same effect.  I have it now set to 6 and it still sounds like it is at 30.  If I set it much lower, I can't hear the volume at all.  In other words, it seems like the volume goes between 100% and 0% - nothing in-between and regardless of the settings.

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