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Lte and signal?


Lte and signal?

I just got a Samsung Note and am in a well covered Lte area as customer service has told me.


The problem is it usually is on HPSA with an about -70, b ut when it switches to Lte my signal drops down to -112 to -118 and as you know calls fail at that point. This behavior doesn't happen when I'm near other sites and stays at -70 to -90 when in Lte.


What is going on, and can I just disable Lte because I don't get my work related calls. I now have my voicemail set up, and was told about the problem by one of my customers. This can't keep going on because it will cost me more in lost customer's revenue than the plan costs!

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Re: Lte and signal?

There are some apps in the Play Store that toggle LTE on and off, but none of the ones I looked at say that they work for AT&T phones.  You can try some and see if they work, because they say that they may work for other phones.

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Re: Lte and signal?

I've tryed several of them, and can't find one that works on GSM. But I am now convinced that I was lied to, and if fact the closest tower to me not Lte enabled. I ran into something similar when I set my phone to auto select an ATT hotspot, and it will connect to a bad one. The problem there was, I was not getting my pmail where normally I do. In that case I just disabled the free ATT hotspots and all was well. Thats what I need to do with Lte until it gets built out better.

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