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Loudest smartphone ringer?


Loudest smartphone ringer?

As a AT&T customer who has a family member with a hearing loss, what smart phone has the loudest ringer? He has an Aria but half the time can't even hear the phone when it rings and is ready to spend 400/500 just to get a phone with a ringer he can hear what current phone has the loudest ringer?

Thanks for the reply in advance.

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Re: Loudest smartphone ringer?

A lot has to do with the frequency of the ringtone. I have a co-worker that cannot hear his pager, even set at the most ear-piercing level. However, he can hear his phone as long as it is set to a particular ring tone.

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Re: Loudest smartphone ringer?

With all the ringtones he can't hear them well yet with other phones in the past he could have so it could be the phone.

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Re: Loudest smartphone ringer?

I have a Samsung Captivate that has a decent (loud volume) ringer. It's the loudest ringer I've ever had on any of my six phones. Sometimes it even makes me jump, it's so loud (put on the loudest setting).


I have no experience with any other smartphones, so that's all I can recommend. The Captivate is my first smartphone.


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Re: Loudest smartphone ringer?

I'd have to agree to try different ringers first. Especially ones that vary in different frequencies/pitches.


There are watches that have bluetooth that will vibrate when a call/SMS is received (Sony Ericsson MBW-150).


There are bluetooth headsets, and some have a vibrate feature.


There are home phones that will pair with your cell phone so if you get a call on the cell it will ring and you can even answer it on the home handset:

AT&T has some like the TL92370 TL92270


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Re: Loudest smartphone ringer?

We have (...or had..Smiley Sad) two HTC Tilt 2 multi-lines.  The phone purchased via Amazon had a much louder and crisper ringtone playback than the phone i got thru AT&T.  Even after creating a ringtone (using Vito Rintone Editor v1.22) and loading the ringtone on both tilts, the amazon bought phone was always louder and clearer than the other handset.  Just my experience.

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Re: Loudest smartphone ringer?

Can you take the person into an AT&T corporate store and try out the phones?  I have an iPhone and some of my ringtones are very piercing and annoying to the point that other people complain.  My mother, who is very hard of hearing-I have to practically shout-can hear some of my rings.

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