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Lost phone.. new phone coming in.


Lost phone.. new phone coming in.

I had JUST lost my current phone, but I have a new phone coming in the mail.


My new phone is 4G which requires me to get a brand new SIM card.. since I lost my current phone, I deactivated/suspended the phone. I was just wondering will using the new SIM card reactivate my line on my new phone and completely block the old SIM card? I just don't want someone finding the phone and then have them start using the minutes/internet/texting/etc. Thanks for your help!!

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Re: Lost phone.. new phone coming in.

Yes the old SIM card will still be blocked.  You can only have one SIM card active on the line of service.  Each SIM card has its own unique IMSI number that is attached to the account.  So only the card that is active on the account will work.

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