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Lost my grandfathered-in text message plan...


Lost my grandfathered-in text message plan...

For the past 3-4 years I've been using AT&Ts $5 for 200 text message plan without issues.  This past month I used many more text messages than I normally do, and realized it would cost less to switch to the $20 for unlimited text messages plan for a month.


Now, a week later, when I attempt to switch back to my old plan I no longer have the option.  After calling AT&T I'm told that my old plan was grandfathered in and that I would be unable to switch back.


However, this was in NO WAY clear to me when I made the temporary switch to the $20 plan.  There was no message informing me that I would no longer be able to use my old plan, nor was there an email sent to me informing me as such.


This strikes me as a deceptive business practice.


Has anyone had a similar experience?  I'm unwilling to pay $20 a month for texting and intend to cancel my account with AT&T if they can't make amends.





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Re: Lost my grandfathered-in text message plan...

You may keep an old plan for as long as you do not make a change.  Once you change to an available plan you cannot get back an old plan that is no longer available.  In you case, you can't get back to that $5 plan.  I had it too and it was a great option but one that is no longer available.


Do what you see as best for you but understand that all the carriers treat these old plans the same way.


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