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Looking for cheaper service


Looking for cheaper service

This is my first post.


I have AT&t service   on TWO phones 

no text  no data    have 850 minutes  with rollover 

If I send a text message it cost .20  each way..


This month  I had only $3.00 for Texting 

but my Wife  will max out the minutes almost every month 


my Bill average  for the two phones  is  $102.00 per month


I was thinking about   changing over to the GO Phone 

which would be  2 x $50.00  plus tax ETC..

But I would  have unlimited TEXT,DATA , and minutes


is the  GO phone like the others  If I call someone on AT&T  they are not charged for 

phone uses minutes?




But my problem is  one of my phones  contract ends 2/24/2012

but the other phone  ends 2/18/2013


will AT&T  change me over to goPhone  without  charges for the old contract..





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Re: Looking for cheaper service

Switching to Gophone will leave you with contract exit fees. You could change the one phone over to a gophone when the contract expires.

You don't have unlimited data with the $50/plan if you have a smartphone but doesn't sound like you need it.

I would get a family plan if I were you.

Gives you 1400 minutes to share between the phones for $90 + taxes ect. still no text or data.

Only $70 for 700 minutes but if your wife runs it up, likely smarter to get the extra minutes.
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Re: Looking for cheaper service

I think that a user with GoPhone service will allow AT&T post paid customers free mobile-to-mobile minutes, but not the other way around. It costs me money to dial users that have AT&T post paid or prepaid service.

You will be charged early termination fees if you decided to cancel both contracts. I would wait until both contracts expire until you want to switch to prepaid service, unless you are comfortable paying hundreds of dollars in early termination fees...

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