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Looking for Cellphone Booster extender for 90,000 sq ft


Looking for Cellphone Booster extender for 90,000 sq ft

Hello everybody,

Thank already for helping me.

I own a business [U shaped] two story with a metal roof, that is why we probably do not have any cellphone service. If I am outside at a certain corner I get full Signal. My question is can I install something that would cover my whole Business? I have looked at some Signal Booster but the only cover around 2,500 sq ft. Maybe I could build something myself too. I just need some Info and help about this Issue.
Parking lot is located inside the U Shape of my Business.

Thanks again for all your help.


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Re: Looking for Cellphone Booster extender for 90,000 sq ft

(Full disclosure: I do not work for AT&T nor any of the companies mentioned below.) 


I would suggest talking to a contractor that does that sort of work.  If you cannot find one in your area, call CellAntenna.  They have solutions that cover larger areas as well as can help you select and design the system for your needs.  Other companies like Wilson Electronics, while they do have products that could cover larger areas, I do not see that they have any design and engineering support, other than trying to find a dealer in your area, who could then perhaps help you with design for finding a local contractor.


If you really want to try it yourself, then I suspect you'll need multiple units.  Just one "indoor" antenna to cover 90k sq ft would likely be in the middle of your parking lot. Then you've have to make it something that could handle the weather, not to mention supplying electrical power, etc.  So several smaller units with "directional" indoor antenna (or at least strategically placed omnidirectionals) would likely be needed.  You could start with one or two and see how that works, tweaking the antenna placement, etc.  This gets tricky and complicated and in the end, the money you spend on the contractor may be well worth it to get it right the first time, not to mention the labor you have to do for the installation and tweaking.


AT&T is rolling out microcells (a.k.a.: femtocells) in select cities.  If you have broadband internet, this could be the answer for you.  But it may be a long wait if you're not in the correct city.

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Re: Looking for Cellphone Booster extender for 90,000 sq ft

Thanks for the reply and possible solution.


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