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Longtime AT&T Customer, New Android User : Several questions


Longtime AT&T Customer, New Android User : Several questions

Hello AT&T Friends,


I have been an AT&T customer for several years (since the iPhone 3G launch) and been using an iPhone ever since. My last handset was an iPhone 4 so I am well seasoned in the Apple "ecosystem" and know quite well how it works.  The decision to try Android came with the Galaxy Note--to put it bluntly, I just love the phone.


My question is in regard to installing/removing/moving/modifying applications. On the iPhone (and iOS in general), apps are simply installed by downloading/syncing through iTunes, or downloading directly on the handset. Updates were also handled in this manner.


On Android, it seems I have 3 buckets of storage: System, USB Storage (or SD Card), and External SD Card. (I installed a 32GB Class 10 Lexar MicroSD Card as well)


I have accumulated quite a few apps in the last few weeks, mostly games. I have moved a considerable number of games (and apps) to the MicroSD card. Generally, they all seem to run fine. When I reboot the handset, the apps that are installed on the SD Card are all "greyed out" (with a small SD logo on their left) until the "Media Scanner..." appears to have done its job. However, I do get one or several apps that remain grey. When I click on them, I get a warning that says: "Application not installed on your phone."  I've noticed that a subsequent reboot seems to clear the issue sometimes. There appears to be no pattern as to which apps display this issue.


First question: What is the issue, or why does this happen?


Second question: Is there any benefit, cost, or otherwise reason I should keep my apps on the SD Card?  I have not seen this issue with apps already installed on the handset.


Third question: In regard to "tethering" the Galaxy Note. Has anyone done this, and what has been your experience with it? (esp. on Mac)


I live in 4G (HSPA+ and LTE) covered area but where I will use it is at my university--the campus WiFi is very, very overcrowded. Most people in my program use "hotspots" or tether with their phone if necessary. I am using a Macbook Pro running Mac OS X Lion.


Final question: What sort of battery life are you seeing on your Note? I generally see about one full day on a charge with Power Management turned OFF. With Power Management turned ON, I have roughly half a battery left by the end of the day. All of my settings are pretty much stock, I leave WiFi turend on as well as GPS.


Thanks all, in advance!

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Re: Longtime AT&T Customer, New Android User : Several questions

It takes time to mount the SD card after the phone boots up, sometimes a minute or so.  And the more you have on there, the longer the system will take to scan the SD.  This is the case with any Android phone. 


If apps are not available after you wait a minute or so, but work ok if you reboot, there is some glitch going on, as this is not normal.  Not sure what can be causing this, but reformatting the card or trying a different one may help.  You can just copy the contents of the SD card to your Mac, and move it back after your format the SD card, or insert another one.


The only advantage of moving app data to the SD is to save space in the system storage.

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Re: Longtime AT&T Customer, New Android User : Several questions

Congrats on moving to Android! I switched after iPhone 4 (having owned every iPhone before that since 2007) and I doubt I'll ever go back.


Anyway, I own the Galaxy S II Skyrocket so our devices are almost the same except yours is much bigger! To answer your first and second questions, I don't know too much about installing apps on the SD card, but like the other poster said, the main benefit is to save space on the phone. Just what you're saving space for is a good thing to ask because generally all that goes directly on the "SYSTEM" storage are apps and OS updates, settings, files, etc. The internal "USB" storage seems to be used for photos, videos, some apps and other app data files. And finally, the "SDCARD" storage is used as you desire. As you've already discovered, you can move apps to it and I believe you can set the default camera location here as well. In essence, it's like when you have two hard drives in your computer--you can choose what goes where and when. The app problem you described reminded me of when I tried moving all my apps a long time ago too. From what I've learned, some apps are not allowed to be copied to the SD card because of licensing. You usually only run into this when you paid for an app because the developer doesn't want you to be able to take your SD card out and give a free copy to your friend. Smiley Wink In most cases, apps with these restrictions would not allow you to move it in the first place, so I'm not sure why you were able to. Either way, when you tried to open it, the app realized where it was and decided not to run. Moving it back would solve this problem.


To answer your third question, USB tethering and wi-fi hotspot settings are available on the device, but are not functional unless you have an applicable tethering data plan added to your account. I'm not sure what the current prices are, but I do know they can run up to $60 per month and of course that comes with a data limit PLUS you share this one limit with both 4G data transfers and tethering. In my opinion, it's not worth it to tether because you can burn through data on a laptop much faster than you ever will on a cell phone. More specifically to your question, I've never done tethering, but my brother has on his Verizon Galaxy Nexus and it worked like a charm. He even setup a wi-fi hotspot when we were out to dinner once and I was able to connect my MacBook to it with no problems at all.


To answer your last question, as I said before, I don't have a Note, but my S II is pretty bad on battery life in comparison to iPhone. There are two big reasons for this: 1. the screen is much bigger (and your Note is even bigger) and 2. these Galaxy devices are 4G phones whereas the iPhone is not. 4G makes a HUGE difference in battery life! I know they make an extended battery for my phone, but I'm not sure about yours. I've just gotten used to keeping my phone plugged in whenever I'm in a position to do so. Also, you can see battery information by going into Settings --> About Phone --> Battery use.  This will show you all items in your phone that take up what percentage of battery power.


Hope all this helps!

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Re: Longtime AT&T Customer, New Android User : Several questions

Thanks @redpoint73 for your helpful response! Kudos to you.
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Re: Longtime AT&T Customer, New Android User : Several questions

Hi @ledfrog


Thanks for your helpful response to my questions. This is indeed me first Android phone, and I'm very pleased with it. My friend who uses a Blackberry decided to jump to Android when I did from my iPhone so we could "learn from each other" about how the phones work. He bought a Nexus unlocked from Google and loves it. I went with the Note because I love the screen and the pen.


Android is pretty awesome, I haven't run into any limitations (yet) and being able to upgrade the memory on my phone with a simple MicroSD card has been a welcome up-front feature of the device.


I appreciate you taking the time to discuss the hotspot/tethering. I understand the costs involved with adding it and it doesn't scare me away (the WiFi on my campus does, however).


I have had some time to play with the phone and it seems that while many apps may be labeled as being able to move to the phone, some are prone to errors when they are moved. I noticed the Google+ widget disappeared altogether when I moved the app to the SD Card so it seems that apps (most) are at-home on the phone vs. SD Card. I figure I will wait until I need more space to start moving apps over but in the meantime I have about 1/2 my system storage left.


I understand we are supposed to get "Ice Cream Sandwich" soon so all the better. Smiley Happy

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Re: Longtime AT&T Customer, New Android User : Several questions

"Soon" is an .....interesting..... word to use. It'll more than likely trickle down the pipe at some point, but don't hold your breath.

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