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Long texts issue


Long texts issue

I have the iPhone 4S with att, while my gf has iphone 4 with verizon. She got it in the summer and about one month after she got it, her phone stopped receiving my messages that are longer than 3 lines (I had the 3gs before that, same issue on both the 3gs and 4s). She can receive longer texts from anyone else just fine. Everyone else can receive long texts from me just fine. I've tried resetting it, but that didn't help. It's really gotten annoying to type up 3 lines, hit send and then type some more. Has anyone else ran into this type of a problem? Any solutions for that out there? Get her phone replaced by Apple, get a new sim card, or is it something else?

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Re: Long texts issue

A few m ore details would be helpful, if it's okay. The thing I would like to know most is, are the messages that you receive from her blue or green? Blue is iMessages, and will only come through if she's upgraded to iOS5. If that is the problem, Apple can help you see what is going on with the short message length. If they're green, AT&T would see what was going on for you, at least narrow it down to which phone is having an issue. Smiley Happy

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Re: Long texts issue

No, she hasn't updated her phone to iOS5 (So green messages). She can send me long texts and I can receive them just fine. Only problem is her not being able to receive mine. We did go to Verizon a few months ago and a rep there reset her phone, but that's all that's been done. You think upgrading her iOS might solve the issue?

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Re: Long texts issue

Well, it would in at least one way. If she were upgraded to the iOS5, her phone would take advantage of iMessages as well, so messages would be sent through that system instead of through text messaging. IMessages do take up a minimal amount of data, just so you know, but it would allow you to send/receive those messages if she upgraded (along with some other great features of the iOS5 she could enjoy). So updating her phone is very likely to resolve that issue for you, unless you don't want to use iMessaging. Before updating, though, make sure she plugs into iTunes and, when her device is recognized under devices on the left-hand side of the iTunes window, right-click and select backup device to preserve all of her information. If you would prefer not to use iMessages, we can take a look into some other options. Smiley Happy
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