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Lock/unlock button hangs up calls


Lock/unlock button hangs up calls

I often use my phone for teleconferences.  It is very common for the screen to blank during the call to save power.  However, when I press the lock/unlock button to get to the password screen and open the phone, it hangs up the call.  The screen is unresponsive to swipes, and I cannot seem to get the phone open.  I think this is new with the update (2.3.6), but am not entirely sure.


Has anyone else seen this problem?  Is there a workaround?





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Re: Lock/unlock button hangs up calls - Solution found!

Oops!  I found the solution.  There is a setting in the "Call" menu under "answering/ending" for "power key ends calls".


Not sure how it got set, but it's nice to have it fixed.



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Re: Lock/unlock button hangs up calls - Solution found!

Yup, good job for paying attention and doing the work. You're not the only person that's had this problem with their Samsung Android smartphone.

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