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Tried to use tech support for microcell not working.  All I keep getting on chat screen is there is no one available to help with this issue..What a joke no one wants to talk about the problem I think.  I'm starting to dislike AT&T more each day.. They gave me a microcell because cell service was so bad.  I up graded to 5 Iphones none worked till I got microcell 30 day return policy is over so now stuck with them for 2 more years and microcell stopped working and cant even use phones in my house because no service.  What a JOKE..

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I am having the same problem.  Searched and found this problem is over a year old!  How sad when my cell phone has no bars and says "no service" when inside my house.  I can drive away and get a few bars.  But that is unacceptable!

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That sounds about right, they advertise all of these FANTASTIC services and when you get there you wonder where they went, and yet they keep increasing your bill. And they ALL claim that they have won the JD Powers Award for outstanding something, who are they kidding. Too bad you cannot just opt out and cancel, but beware of that as well they will stick you for another month before they let you go, read the fine, fine super fine print, probably on the 46th page of your agreement.



Can you tell me how to even get to live chat?

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