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List of voice commands? 6350


List of voice commands? 6350

I recently got the Nokia 6350 and love the voice command feature. Unlike previous phones of mine, it recognizes what I say nearly every time.

However, I do have one problem. I have several phone number's under one person's name. IE: Bob has his home number and then his cell. When I say "Bob", the phone automatically calls the first number (Home). So how do I make it dial his cell without entering the numbers as different contacts?

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Re: List of voice commands? 6350

Did you ever get an answer to this or is the answer that there is no answer and this phone doesn't have that capability?

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Re: List of voice commands? 6350

My son actually uses this, but the few times I messed on his, I found that you have to give at least 2 words for it to work properly. call John Doe, you can't just say "call John"...and the way the names are in the address book do matter. Anyhow, for John here, home and should go like "Call John Doe Home"  and "Call John Doe Cell"...again, I am not so sure about this, since it is my son's phone, but can check later.

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