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Leaving AT&T as soon as possible


Leaving AT&T as soon as possible

its so funny, I have been with AT&T since about 1999, so going on 13 years. I started with AT&T, followed to Cingular, and followed right back to AT&T. Maybe 3 times in the last 13 years I have been late paying my bill. This so far has been a not so great year for me, and because I had my phone line suspended for about 4 hours a few months ago, I cannot make payment arrangements.

Is this because I just signed 2 new contracts? because they know I probably wont leave and pay the fines?

Its just so funny cause when you call support they say "thanks for being the best part of AT&T" thats ridiculous. I offered to make a payment in 7 days, would eben set up a direct pay, but they cannot do anything.

***THEN HERE IS THE BEST PART**** when I told the CSR that I wouldnt be able to pay till 7 days in the future, she says ' there is nothing I can do for you now, but Im sure we will hear from you soon' guess they know how much we rely on cell phones these days!

forget AT&T I am out. there are so many other providers who want my business, cause once I find one I like, I stay loyal.

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Re: Leaving AT&T as soon as possible

Try contacting Jam, one of the AT&T Community Managers for further assistance.  If you're interesting in staying, that is.  Jam will be able to look at your account and find out what arrangements can be made.

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