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Latenight data charges (SENT DATA)


Latenight data charges (SENT DATA)

My phone has been getting charged CRAZY data charges over the last week or so. Upwards of almost 3 gig late at night. This data is being SENT. How the heck is this possible? I even factory restored the phone with no luck. On WiFi NO apps running overnight. Please help! I outlined the larger data transfers below.



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Re: Latenight data charges (SENT DATA)

Search these forums for others with similar issues and their solutions. Do you have a micro-cell at home?  Someone linked their issue directly to it.


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Re: Latenight data charges (SENT DATA)

"Sent" is a generic term and does not indicate direction of data. 


Start by checking the iOS "Cellular Data Usage" numbers. Add them up (Sent+Received)


If the totals are within 10% of AT&T's "Sent" numbers, you have something on the phone eating data and you need to track it down.


If there's a huge discrepancy between what the phone reports, and what AT&T reports, you may have a different problem.

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Re: Latenight data charges (SENT DATA)

my sent since may 1st is 2.4 meg and recieved is 14meg. The numbers are WAY different from what ATT is reporting.

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Re: Latenight data charges (SENT DATA)

Wow - that would qualify as a huge discrepancy. I thought my numbers were bad. Yours are horrifying.


Small consolation, but you're not alone. Apple's got a healthy thread going on this issue too. It's not always a Microcell, but I'm confident in my case that it is. If you have a Microcell, unplug it for a few days and see if things go back to normal.


If you don't have a Microcell, you might call AT&T customer support - but be prepared for a potentially frustrating experience. I've had multiple conversations with AT&T. Frontline support is highly scripted and most of them are not prepared to deal with anything that falls outside those scripted scenarios. I've been given case numbers, but nobody ever calls me to follow up on them as promised. It's a black hole of silence over there.


Maybe as an alternative, you should see if you can stop by an AT&T store, show them your phone, let them see your data numbers that AT&T is reporting, and ask for a SIM swap - perhaps that will help in your case.


If it does, please post back because the more info there is here to help others, the better.

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