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Laptop Data Connect Unlimited Plan


Re: Laptop Data Connect Unlimited Plan

I also found out this month that my "Unlimited Plan" is not so unlimited. 


AT&T customer service really tried to keep me as a customer.  Hopefully enough people have cancelled to make them realize the decision to change the rules for long time loyal customers was a mistake.    


After weighing all my options (I'm in Oklahoma, just south of OKC), I decided to cancel my AT&T plan and got Verizon's 4G USB modem with 10GB/Month for $80 and $10/GB overage, not the ridiculous $50/GB overage AT&T has.  Only had it a couple days, but so far so good.  Speeds are great, 12-16 Mbps. 

Hopefully it stays that way cause I've got it for 2 years now!


My phone service is still with AT&T and my contract isn't up till the summer, which I'll look at other options for that then also, which I've never done since first getting AT&T in '95.   




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Re: Laptop Data Connect Unlimited Plan

Well, that's two down...


What makes me upset,  is when I signed upgrading, I will TOLD I could keep my unlimited PLAN, so much for Loyalty, I just cannot IF they would look at my count, even thought I have had the "unlimited Plan" I never went over..


And with a few days left in my account, I would not have not went over, I was at 3,900 when they sent me the notice...


Oh, I think, I might go with T-mobile Gig for $39 a month. But that Verizon sounds good...


I guess, AT&T has more then enough customers to worry about the few...


BATSmiley Surprised



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Re: Laptop Data Connect Unlimited Plan

BAT wrote:

Oh, I think, I might go with T-mobile Gig for $39 a month.  

Like Capt T-Bird I have been lurking here for awhile, but can't keep quite any longer. 


As for the T-Mobile plan BTDT, not all it is cracked up to be, perhaps I can save you some grief.   Yes it is unlimited data, but once you exceed 5GB, you will be running at 56Kb for the remainder of the month.    I don't know what your last experience with dial up was, but you will be quickly and unceremoniously reminded of it mid month if you are a heavy user.   Add that to the abysmal coverage area and you don't get much for your $40.


That said, I must be honest, you can't blame AT&T or any carriers for limiting the service, bottom line it costs them more money to provide more bandwidth.   I think however there should be some reasonable  overage  charge that is affordable for us power users that absolutely need more, something like $10 per GB or less.


I dropped my AT&T aircard over a year ago, and have since tried Cricket, T-Mobile, and Virgin Mobile,  and none of them provided a pleasant experience.   As of last September I went with a Sierra Wireless 250u from which has worked out much better for me.   I live in New York and get 6-9GB d/l speeds at home, but the modem fallsback to 3G when I travel to those not so metro areas.   I just returned from a 7 week roadtrip and used 16.7GB one month all on 3G without a problem.  


As a former AT&T employee, I can appreciate the tightrope they are walking between capacity and customers, but I think they (and most other carriers) are handling it badly.  I feel a lot of loyalty to the company and will stick with my iPhone and family plan for voice, but I don't miss the aggravation of the 5GB cap.   


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Re: Laptop Data Connect Unlimited Plan

I read through this forum and need some help in clarifying the option I might have for moving forward on my 3G unlimited plan.


I have a very old unlimited 3G Data Plan computer. It is dated 2005-6.


My usage of the data plan is very erratic. I could go for 6 months without using it at all (working oversea) and then when I am in U.S. I could use up to 10 GB for a couple of months.


I have heard and read stories of some version of the  “Unlimited” data plan get soft or hard cap. Customers get warning email from at&t and some had over $1000 overage charges because he/she used more than 5GB per month. I never encountered that problem so I am assuming that I have a “true” unlimited data plan.


I am considering upgrading to 4G LTE. I am told by the at&t customer rep. that I get to keep my unlimited plan, but they will need to change it to 4G LTE unlimited.


Does anyone know if the 4G LTE unlimited is truly unlimited or is one of those soft/hard cap fake unlimited plan?





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Re: Laptop Data Connect Unlimited Plan

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