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LG encore internet & apps


LG encore internet & apps

i have downloaded several apps onto my LG encore, they work great except it keeps comming up with the warning message that says it will be using data. i have unlimited data, so is there a way i can turn off the warning?

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Re: LG encore internet & apps

I don't think you can. Just think of it as your own personal reminder every now and then. Smiley Wink

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Re: LG encore internet & apps

3 questions, if you will:


1) Are these free apps, or paid apps? Just curious. I haven't yet downloaded any apps for my LG Encore. Wasn't sure if there were good free ones out there.


2) What kind of apps?


3) The data-warning you get -- how often? Just the first time you use the program and start it up, or do you get the warning throughout the current session of use every time it tries to reach out onto the internet?


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