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LG Vu Plus

Anyone else having multiple issues with their Vu Plus? I HATE this phone. It butt-dials. It takes random pics and videos cuz it seems to turn on by itself. It's connected to internet on its own, and I don't have the internet package right now- trying to save money. Multiple keys are broken. The touch screen quits working whenever it feels like it. Yesterday, it quit ringing for a few hours. Said the ringer was up, but it wouldn't make a sound or vibrate when I got a message. After several on/off attempts and a few hours later... It was working again. The volume hasn't been the same. I HATE this phone. I got an early upgrade to get this piece of junk, and am stuck with it until the end of 2012... Unless I switch to another company or something. I asked earlier with only a few of these issues at the ATT store, and they basically said I'm out of luck because I have no insurance. I've been with the company for years. I've had multiple phones, and the only one I had any trouble with before was my LG Xenon, which was why I paid for the early upgrade. I'm very not impressed. I'd love to know if I just got a lemon, or if others are having problems too.

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Re: LG Vu Plus

I have the same problems as you've mentioned in the first part of the post. It randomly shuts off, turns on by itself, starts up internet, pocket dials, and my touch screen sometimes goes out. I'm currently trying to end contract early to get the LG Thrill.

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