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LG Vu Plus review:Great - no data plan - AT&T QWERTY Camera phone!


LG Vu Plus review:Great - no data plan - AT&T QWERTY Camera phone!

This may be useful for someone in the position I was in, stuck with a QMD they hate. I replaced it with the LG Vu Plus after reading some posts here. I couldnt afford a data plan, and I dont need a smart phone.


+ Great responsive touch screen, no lag, minor latency switching between home screens. Touch screen buttons register input immediately. No calibration required. 9/10
+ Phone is quick and intuitive
+ Call quality is good, 8/10
+ Texting and MMS is great 9/10
+ Still Camera is great, video camera is good enough



 - Screen is plastic not glass so be careful
- Web button on keyboard might get pressed by accident while typing
- Sometimes 3MP photos are too big for MMS, but can be edited on the phone.
- The phone IS NOT SLUGGISH, but flipping between the home screens is not as fast as an iPhone. Of course its also not $600.


That's all I've got for cons, it's a really, really good phone. I am not going to try web and ATT TV because of data use/subscription costs. I wanted to write this to help other ATT users frustrated one of their other phones, like the Samsung Flight II.

It took me awhile to find, but this is finally my ATT QMD phone with no data plan required.

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