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LG Vu Help!

LG Vu Help!

Sorry to bother you. But can anyone help me to get this PUK message off my screen? It's Prepaid.

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Re: LG Vu Help!

I know with postpaid it can be done through customer care and mywireless. Shouldn't be much different. 

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Re: LG Vu Help!

I've been trying to use myWireless but it keep redirecting me to the prepaid section.

Guess i have no choice but to go to customer care. Smiley Sad

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Re: LG Vu Help!

That's right, you will need Customer Care to assist you with this. I had this problem a while back with my prepaid Neon, and I was instructed to call Customer Care. They gave me the PUK code and my phone was usuable again. Smiley Happy You will need to give the rep your Vu's IMEI number to achieve the code, if you haven't done so already.

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