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LG VU (CU920) Locking up after using MobileTV


LG VU (CU920) Locking up after using MobileTV

I have an interesting problem that I came across with my LG VU.  I got the VU about a year ago and after about a month the device started locking after a few minutes of non-use.  The only way to get the device to turn on again was to remove the battery.  I checked on the forums and everyone said the same thing, that the memory card was the problem.  I removed the memory card and still had problems so I took the phone back and got a new one.  I have had this second phone for ~9 months with a memory card and no problems.  Today I checked my phone and found that it was locked up and had to pull the battery to get it to turn on.  Now after a few minutes of non-use the phone freezes again just like the old one.  It dawned on me after doing some troubleshooting with the memory card that the day before I had put the phone in my pocket without locking it and accicdently launched the MobileTV demo.  This doesn't seem like a big deal, but then I remembered that when I had problems with my last phone it started shortly after I was wasting time on a train checking out the mobileTV feature from AT&T.


I am now wondering if anyone else has problems with their VU after using the MobileTV service as this feature seems to be the catalyst for the Vu locking up and not the memory card.  Or maybe when the mobileTV service is launched the Vu configures something on the memory card that then freezes the Vu.

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Re: LG VU (CU920) Locking up after using MobileTV

I have the same problem too. It keeps freezing by itself, and whatever caused the freeze up seems to drain battery.

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Re: LG VU (CU920) Locking up after using MobileTV

I have the LG VU ( for about a year ) but it never locks on me.  I don't use the Mobile TV but it has gone on when I hit it accidently, but it still didn't lock on me.  Mine has been fine.

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Re: LG VU (CU920) Locking up after using MobileTV

That is my latest problem as well.  I've had a memory card in it forever, but a friend of mine wanted to look at my phone and started up the mobileTV.  Since then, my phone will freeze and I have to take the battery out to restart it.  Looking at the files on my memory card, I'm pretty sure there is one on there - a .ts file that could be the culprit.  I am planning on removing that file and seeing if it helps.  Surely someone at LG or ATT knows about this corruptive file and could help, but I've yet to find anyone.

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