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LG VU CU920: Full reception but absolutely no service.


LG VU CU920: Full reception but absolutely no service.

My LG randomly decided to stop getting AT&T service.


I see bars, an average of 3-5 bars, but no 3G or AT&T logo on my screen. I cannot call or text anyone.


I placed my SIM in different phones, which successfully verified that it wasn't my SIM. I took it to an AT&T employee and he was clueless.


I recently put it into a different phone (Samsung Blackjack, successful service), and placed it back into my CU920 immediately. I got AT&T service for about 3 minutes, after that, again, bars but no recognizable carrier/service.


What could this possibly be? I've scrounged google for any repairs/network settings that could cause this problem.. I've factory reset my phone several times, cleared all data and contacts, etc. Switched from 3g/2g modes several times.


The employee told me my phone was broken, but the small amount of service verifies that it still works. I'm starting to think it might have to do with a service my phone has that my plan does not support, eg. Data (which is blocked on my plan.)


Anyone? Please?

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Re: LG VU CU920: Full reception but absolutely no service.

The same thing happened to me about 3 weeks ago.  Full bars sometimes- says service unavailable- sometimes it rings and never goes through...other times there are no bars, and immediately no service.  Texts take forever, I am lucky if they go through.  Still hit or mess, and never works when I need it to.Believe it or not, it didn't even work when I needed to dial 911 on Saturday morning when I was on a hike with my boyfriend and a hiking group, and he had chest pains and had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulence! Lucky they were there for us!


I have had ATT for 10 years and not many problems. I have a peice of junk phone with the family plan, and THAT has service, but not the VU all of a sudden. 


This is my 2nd VU, and I am not happy. The last one - the touch screen decided to take over and make its own decisions.

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