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LG Thrive not reading Sim card suddenly..Help!!


LG Thrive not reading Sim card suddenly..Help!!

Last night when I went to bed my phone was fine. I plugged it in the charger and set it on the nightstand, the alarm went off like normal and the phone had not moved. When I picked it up it read Emergency call only. I fiddled with and saw it was not reading my sim card. I pulled the back off and readjusted the card several times to no avail. For a little while it stopped reading the SD card but when I shifted it it started working fine so I am guessing I dislodged it. I can use Wireless but I can not make calls, access my contact list etc. Any ideas? My bill was just paid in full so that has nothing to do with it and I am frustrated to have a ton of shiny new data and minutes I can not use. Help!

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Re: LG Thrive not reading Sim card suddenly..Help!!

Power down the phone. Wait 60 seconds. Then power up the phone.
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