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LG Thrive (P506) Gophone - Bluetooth problems connecting to Windows Vista (32bit)


LG Thrive (P506) Gophone - Bluetooth problems connecting to Windows Vista (32bit)

I got a LG Thrive Gophone (P506) yesterday (April 18) and yesterday I didn't have any trouble pairing the phone with Windows Vista (32 bit). I put the phone in discoverable mode and had Visa add it. Vista gave me a auto-generated passkey that I could input on the phone.

Today the 19th, I had trouble connecting the phone with the computer so I decided to start over and pair it up again. This time around Windows didn't give a passkey screen with a code and the phone didn't pop up a screen to enter a code. I tried it the other way around and tried to have the phone connect to the computer but the phone didn't give me a passkey and the vista never prompted me to enter a code.

I am using a Bluetooth mouse and Bluetooth keyboard with out any problems. The mouse doesn't use a passkey but the keyboard does and I am not having any problems with those.

I'd like to figure out how to get the LG Thrive to connect (I know it can, as it did it once before).

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