LG Prime - Not receiving calls or texts?


LG Prime - Not receiving calls or texts?

I'm having problems with my new LG Prime phone.  It is constantly going "dead" in that it won't receive calls or texts.  The phone looks on, so I can't tell when this happens, but when I try to make a call, it won't go through.  So I reset my phone (turn it off, then on), and then suddenly I get all the voicemails and text messages from hours, even days, ago depending on when I last reset the phone.  It won't show me missed calls though, so I don't know who called unless they leave a voicemail.


I tried taking it to an AT&T Store, but they said I can only replace it at the original store I purchased it from within 30 days.  Unfortunately, I relocated across the country right after I bought this phone, so I am not able to go back to the original store.


Is there anything I can do?  I really like this phone, but I am now having to reset it every few hours which is driving me nuts.  Someone mentioned the iPhones were having this problem...is there a way to fix this?  Is there anything I can do to exchange it for a new LG Prime phone? 




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Re: LG Prime - Not receiving calls or texts?

I just bought my lg prime and I am having the same problem.  Any way to solve this or should I just return the phone?


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Re: LG Prime - Not receiving calls or texts?

I have this exact problem with my LG Prime, and I just found out that it caused me to miss a VERY important phone call regarding my son's health this weekend.   My son, who is 13, lives in another state, over 600 miles away, with his dad.   He developed a serious illness this weekend that required an ER visit, and his dad couldn't get in touch with me to let me know.   My son called to talk to me last night after recovering from his illness and couldn't reach me - ALL BECAUSE MY (insert highest level of profanity of your choice here) AT&T LG PRIME WOULDN'T ACCEPT THE CALLS OR MESSAGES WITHOUT BEING TURNED OFF AND BACK ON!!!


I'm done with AT&T.  Period.   My daughter's el-cheapo Net10 phone gets coverage INSIDE MY HOUSE when my expensive AT&T LG Prime does not.  I have to stand outside to get signal, and it's spotty at best.  I pay $60 a month for unlimited minutes - hers is $50.  I have to pay $5 extra to enable my phone to check my e-mails - hers is included in the $50.  No wonder AT&T was voted worst cell carrier in the nation recently.   I'm dropping you like a hot potato, AT&T, selling my crappy LG Prime phone to Gazelle for whatever pittance they'll give me ($20 when I checked last time - I paid way more than that for it when I bought it just a few months ago), and going with Net10.    You left me high & dry when I needed you most, AT&T.  We're done.  I'm divorcing your butt.  (Since your website won't let me say the word I want to say.)

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