LG Neon (TM) II


LG Neon (TM) II

I'm considering an upgrade and when looking through the phones I found this.  I was looking for a wi-fi capable phone and I noticed that this one is listed with wi-fi and does not require a data plan, only a messaging one.  Am I correct in thinking that this is a standard phone that when in a wi-fi area can connect with no data plan at all? 


Non-data plans charge by how much data is transferred from my understanding so if you're using wi-fi that amount should remain at 0...

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Re: LG Neon (TM) II

Wow this forum sucks for support, does anyone even check it?

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Re: LG Neon (TM) II

Wi-fi does not use data for your plan.  If you get a phone that supports wi-fi, if you get pay-per-use data, if you don't set anything like email to use data in the background, and if you're VERY careful about making sure you're on wi-fi any time you're using data, you should be able to manage it.


Placing a data block on the line would prevent pay per use fees, but it would also block multimedia messages.  Some phones may block all data (including wi-fi) if the line has a data block, but I've only specifically known Blackberries to do that.


I'm not sure that the Neon II is wi-fi capable, though.


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