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LG Neon II (GW370) re-formatting Micro SD card


LG Neon II (GW370) re-formatting Micro SD card

I am trying to help my daughter format the micro SD card for this phone that is replacing her LG Xenon.  We've deleted all the card contents but I can't find any option to format/re-format.  We took test video and pictures but when we go into the My Stuff/Picture, it shows an icon for an image stored on the card, but when selected it says "the files does not exist".  Same happens for My Stuff/Video.


If I go to My Stuff/File Manager, I can see the card but it only has a folder for Audio, so I believe since the images/photos folder is gone the phone doesn't know where to store the file.  Thus, the reformatting of the card is needed I think.


Any help??

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Re: LG Neon II (GW370) re-formatting Micro SD card

Go through the settings as if to do a master clear (master clear instructions start about halfway down the article):


As you'll see in the screenshots from the article, one of the menus asks Phone or Memory Card.  At that point, stop following the instructions (since you don't want to wipe the phone), choose Memory Card, and follow any prompts the phone may give.


A master clear of the memory card is a reformat.


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