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LG Neon GT365 Problem - Screen not working


LG Neon GT365 Problem - Screen not working

Alright, so I have the LG Neon GT365 Prepaid Pay As You Go phone and for some reason, the screen just won't turn on. I had just renewed my unlimited texting ($19.99) plan early yesterday morning but at around 8:00PM last night my phone just conked out. There was absolutely no damage done to the phone, the screen may have a few scratches, but there isn't anything serious (When I take out the battery there's an orange circle on the back of the phone..I don't know what it means but I don't really care because I've never messed with it lol)

I had received 2 text messages and I slid the keyboard open, then pressed the button on the top left of the keyboard to see my unread messages but the screen flickered, then went black, and my phone was off (My battery was almost fully charged BTW)

I take out the battery and put it back in then hold the power button - Nothing.

I just hold the power button for 10 seconds - Nothing.

I plug my phone in to the charger - The keyboard lights up after 15 seconds and the phone quickly vibrates, but nothing appears on the screen. I push buttons on my keyboard and it lights up the same way it used to.


I really just don't know what to do from here, I don't want to lose my pictures, videos, or contacts, OR waste money on another phone when this one was perfectly fine for a solid year and a few months - but if it has to happen, it probably will [in due time].

Sooo - HELP PL0X, not having a phone feels terrible Robot Sad

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Re: LG Neon GT365 Problem - Screen not working

There doesn't really sound like much you can do to save your phone. One thing you can try is to remove both the battery and SIM card for a couple of hours and place the back into the phone. Then try turning it back on and see what (or what doesn't) happens. If that does not work, you may be out of luck. Smiley Sad


I remember when I had my Neon. Sometimes sliding the keyboard open would cause the phone to randomly turn off. Never did the screen flicker and not return to life after any of those random shutdowns. This seems pretty peculiar.


Good luck.


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