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LG Incite problems


LG Incite problems

I recently purchased a Clarion NX500 Radio with Bluetooth and Navigation. My phone paired with the radio with no problems but I frequently have issues with it after leaving the vehicle. It will appear to be connected to the AT&T network but I can not make calls or receive them, the button to turn the phone off does not work, and I have to remove the battery to turn the unit off. Even after this the phone will not be working properly, it says connected I can attempt to make a call and it says dialing but never hear ringing and the call doesn't complete, while incoming calls are going straight to voice mail. Removing the battery and SIM card for a few minutes fixes it but I am tired of doing this. I have done a reset through the "Clear Storage" function through Start->Settings->Sytem tab and the procedure for doing a hard reset with the Volume Down, Camera button and power button does not work (probably intentionally crippled at the request of AT&T). 2 other phones one older and one newer both neither have problems with the radio whatsoever, of course neither of those are an Incite or AT&T branded product so go figure.


Microsoft put the Windows Mobile 6.5 out there as an upgrade FREE, no charge at all. The only thing is the company you have your phone with and the device manufacturer that your mobile provider maintains a close relationship with have to spend a little time and release a firmware upgrade for the ROM to enable you to use Windows Mobile 6.5. Since AT&T is only in the game to accumulate as much revenue as possible while providing as little customer service as possible making this happen does not  fall into the category of making as much revenue as possible so customer with the Incite phones are left with a device that is overall a pretty crappy piece of hardware that could be improved with a revised ROM and a software upgrade as well. This is not going to happen I know but what can I do to get some support for this piece of crap device?


AT&T why is it so hard to get support for your products? When I call support trying to get help on my phone after verifying who I am then they want to play 20 more questions asking about my current address and whatnot, I am not impressed with someone that can read from a piece of paper and stall and obfuscate the matter for >10 minutes before they even begin to address my issue.

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