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Hello,  as much as i would like to say I love the phone i hate the carrier.  seems like non stop delays of device releases, the Thrill for example kept getting delayed for months and was brought out waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy LATE to compete with EVO 3d.  


My biggest issue here is the False advertising that i don't know how to respond to as of yet.  I am a student at ITT technical Institute for Computer Forensics.  I made an image of the device with software i have that allows full layout of everything on the phone and any other device with memory, tipically used for criminal activity but for [word filter evasion] and giggles i wanted to play around my self for practice.  In the programming of the device i have found that the cellular radio on this phone is limited to a Class 8 HSPA which is 3G radio class limited to 7.2MBPS.  This device is being marketed as a 4g phone which would make it a CLASS 10 RADIO.  


Explain yourself ATT, i have thought about leaving for some time and this is BLUNT FALSE ADVERTISING OF THE PHONE.  You all put the "ATT" ROM on this phone with all the settings and scripting for hardware on the device, how is this legal to sell something as 4g when it's CLEARLY limited to a CLASS 8 radio in the scripts for the OS which is a 3g rating.  I've spent good money for your plans for 7 years now and your CEO keeps breaking promisses such as releasing all 2011 phones with Android 2.3 which is a lie as there are STILL android 2.2 devices being released and the Acer Iconia A501 you have promised to release this summer, and it's the end of the year almost still no word on that tablet, falsly advertising devices like this phone marketed as 4g, but you all limit it to 3g, and jacking your prices up just because, as i was told by one of your reps, Verizon is raising prices and grandfathering Unlimited plans, [word filter evasion] verizon why would you all raise prices because they did, why not sstay cheaper and BE THE BETTER CARRIER.

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Hi there!


Sorry to hear that. Smiley Sad


HSPA+ was classed as 4G, not by AT&T, but by the FCC. Smiley Wink As HSPA+ goes beyond 1.2Mbps (regular 3G) and can get up to LTE speeds, 4G seems to be the more appropriate term for the device. Smiley Happy


HSPA+ is has also been deployed with enhanced backhaul to virtually 100% of the network, so speeds should be good. Smiley Wink 7.2Mbps is an awesome speed for HSPA+. Smiley Wink


~ Evandela ~

~Sunshine Smiley Happy
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I do apologize for previous post but i'm pretty upset.  Thanks for the response but unfortunately you are terribly misinformed, EGPRS, commonly known as 2.9G, is the peak EDGE network wich is limited MAX to 1.89MBits/sec which was the long period of  2G networks, and was also labled as 3GGP initial release also setting the baseline for full 3g rollout.  Initial Release of 3G pickeup up right where that left off maxing out Class 1-4 at  1.8 MBits/s.  These were the first few days of 3G, later 3GGP was upgraded to 3GGP2 which is correctly labled as what we know HSPA+, starting with a Class 5-6 3G device giving it 3.6MBits/sec data rate, and class 7-8 3G which is 7.2 MBit's per second which is every 3G device released in the last year is actually HSPA+.  A class 10 HSPA+ which is the FIRST 4G classification minimum data rates are at 14.4 MBits/Second, which was accompished by adding 64-QAM modulation instead of the old 16-QAM modulation thus increasing speeds.  THERFORE my point remains this device - LG Thrill - which is marketed by ATT as a 4G (class 10 HSPA+ which is 14.4mbits/s) which should have a class 10 radio cap in the programming and driver scripts in the OS, however this is false because ATT has it capped at a class 8 which still makes it only a 3G+ device maxing out at 7.2MBit's a second NOT 14.4 like it's marketed to be....... as i said before FALSE advertising.  Also i tested my point over the last day and changed the class in the scripts to class 10 and my speeds nearly trippled on mobile data, then changed it back to stock class 8 and it was slower than my Samsung Captivate 3G device... so tell me then if you were right how my 3g samsung captivate is faster than a 4g phone..... I know the answer and it's because the 4G Thrill is capped at 3G speeds in the configuration ATT loaded on it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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PS: if you check out your information the Captivate is a 3G device with a Class 8 radio giving it a HSDPA limit of 7.2MBps, so tell me why thats' a 3g device and the LG Thrill "4g" is labled as a 4g and has the same slass 8 limit, not class 10 (14.4MBps) which is what "4g" should be, although all the other 4g phones att has have class 14 radio's which is 21.1 MBps so then once more tell me why all other att 4g phones have a class 14 radio but this one is marketed as a 4g with a 3g radio.... thanks for stickin up for ATT but once again you are terribly misinformed.  and BTW with a little more research HSPA+ tops out at Class or category 28 which is 84.4 MBps, and 4G LTE is 125MB OR 150MB/sec so NO HSPA+ IS NO WHERE NEAR ABLE TO REACH 4G LTE SPEEDS!!!!!!!!!!! AND DEFINITELY NOT AT A CLASS 8 CAP OF 7.2 MBPS DO THE MATH THAT'S OVER 10X SLOWER!!!!!!!

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Here is a post I found in some deeper investigations. Seems as this is an issues that was admitted to and is true for many other devices.

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I don't agree with the labeling either, but T-mobile also calls their HSPDA network 4G. Real 4G, LTE on the 700/800/1900 MHz bandwidths, is just now starting to come around and only available on limited GSM-based phones.


It would've been nice if they called it 3G+ or 3.5G instead of the inherently misleading 4G (which is defined as LTE by IEEE)

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