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LG Expo Ringtones

LG Expo Ringtones

I have a ton of MP3 music and have tried to drag and drop that file into the \\My Documents\My Ringtones folder but the ring tone is not showing up.  Does anyone know if thre is a size limit like in the BlackJack II days?   If not, how do I do it?  Thanks.
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Re: LG Expo Ringtones

ha ha.. ok, i cracked this one pretty fast. Essentially the same crack i posted on the BlackJack II a few years ago.



  1. You need a regedit program. I used this one. 
  2. Go into HKEY_Current User → ControlPanel → Sounds
  3. Then hit the "Values" button to display the values
  4. Delete the key of FileSizeLimit
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Re: LG Expo Ringtones

Thanks for posting this... I was just now logging on to ask how this is done.
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Re: LG Expo Ringtones

I just checked my my original post had over 101,000 hits!  I feel honored Smiley Happy
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Re: LG Expo Ringtones

There is also an App available called HTC Diamond MP3 Trimmer available at XDA developers. It will cut down any MP3 to what ever size you like. I believe for ringtones, it has to be under 300kb.
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Re: LG Expo Ringtones

thanks for this helpful post.  what i wanted to know is.... If i have an mp3 file that i want to use as a ringtone, why doesn't it show up on the drop down menu for that contact?? 

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Re: LG Expo Ringtones

ok, i have done all from that tutorial about changing ringtone sizes.  I've put the music that i want as a rington IN the rington folder and when I go on the phone to change the tone, I dont see the music there.  Any help?  Thanks!

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Re: LG Expo Ringtones

I have my rings on my storage card/My Documents/My Ringtones and have no problems accessing them

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Re: LG Expo Ringtones

ok, i was able to edit the size of the ringtones and now its working just fine.  the problem now seems to be that this phone can not or doesn't have the capability of a ringtone/notification for an email.  it works for a text message but no option to have/change/alter an email.   

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Re: LG Expo Ringtones

@ panapower MP3's cannot be used for notifications, only rings. Any alarn notifications have to be WAV format and stored in the Windows Folder.

BTW, I think I saw your screen name pop up on this forum recently, but if you havn't been there yet try looking around. The LG Expo formums are much better than the ATT forums. Many people to help you out and many how to's and links to Apps.

Here's the link.

There is a Expo Tweaker App located in the Third Party Software Discussion that helps increase the performance of your phone and has tweaks for extended sound and notification tones


Also XDA developers has an LG forum with a wealth of info on all Windows mobile phones and Android

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Re: LG Expo Ringtones

I have created many Mp3's for ringtones and alarms....

The easy way to designate sound file... Use WM file explorer

point to file and hold down.. The Action menu will popup. Select "Set as Ringtone".

Now it will show in all pull down selection menus!!

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Re: LG Expo Ringtones

get regedit and edit the registry, then you can have larger ringtones than 300k! You can set it to what ever you please.


Regedit is a very good editor to have and is pretty user friendly too. Woldn't be without it.

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