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LG Encore "Go Phone" Connectivity


LG Encore "Go Phone" Connectivity

Let me start by saying that my previous phone would not even take a picture, that's how behind I am on technology.  I purchased an LG Encore phone a couple of weeks ago, with an AT&T  "Go Phone" $50 monthly unlimited text/web/call package.  I just assumed that I could access the web, my FB account etc. right away.  Is this phone capable of this?  When I try to connect with the Web, I get an error message.  Perhaps I need to set up something online with Yahoo and/or Comcast who are my email and ISP providers. I can never seem to get through to a human at customer service at AT&T, and I wonder if I should have just stuck with my old phone.  FYI-I have no idea if this is an "Android" or "3G" or whatever other names I hear and really don't know about.  I am wondering if this phone does not have what it takes to connect to the web on it's own. It sure has a lot of apps that seem to make me believe it does.  I've tried going to Starbucks and other places that have "WiFi", but still get an error message saying unable to connect to server. Any help would be appreciated.  If you reply, please keep in  mind that you are replying to a very non-tech savy person, so simple language would be so appreciated.  Thank you!  I am getting close to just throwing this thing out my window while driving down the freeway. Too late to return it now.  

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Re: LG Encore "Go Phone" Connectivity

Under the $50 monthly Unlimited Talk, Text, & Web plan, yes, you can get unlimited Internet usage out of your phone, which means that you can access Facebook.

Your Encore is not an Android smartphone, but it is capable of operating on 3G speeds. If you are unfamiliar with 3G, it is a quicker and more reliable variant of 2G or EDGE, which is probably what your old phone operated on.

Because the Encore is not a smartphone, it does not have the ability to connect to Wi-Fi. The only way to access the web on your phone is to use the phone's built-in browser either using EDGE or 3G speeds.

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