LG Encore (model GT550): Tips n' Tricks

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LG Encore (model GT550): Tips n' Tricks

I've had my LG Encore GT550 for a couple months now. Just thought I'd relay some tips, tricks, and quirks, figuring they might benefit others here. Some things below apply to other phones as well.

1) I needed to transfer my contacts from Outlook. Lacking a bulk transfer tool, I ended up transfering them in batches, via Bluetooth. I'd select a bunch in Outlook, click a "Send via BT" option, then accept each one on the phone.

I should've set my phone's BT to not verify each contact/connection, and to auto-accept the connections - that would've saved me a button press for each of the 100-200 folks I sent over. No biggie.

AT&T also has an Online Address Book feature which seems to sync contacts directly into the phone. I didn't use that, but maybe it's got a bulk upload/sync feature for Outlook.

Also, on the LG support site is some kind of Outlook syncing tool, but when I last checked, it wasn't (yet?) compatible with my phone.

2) Problem: I was initially discovering that many people weren't getting my text messages. The issue? Well, the numbers got brought in via BT, as I said earlier. And that included characters that apparently confused my phone or the AT&T network - specifically spaces and parentheses () . So, I needed to manually edit them out of each phone number (I also prepended "+1" to each cell phone number). Then, all my text messages went through. Moreover, incoming CallerID worked properly after those characters were removed.

3) Internet connectivity: I got more reliable service by disabling the Cingular proxy in one of the settings menus.

4) Browsers: It kinda looked like there were 2 browsers built in to the phone - a "newer"-looking one, and an "older"-looking one.

5) Even better, I downloaded (free) and use the Opera Mini browser, which seems to be much better all around. Caveat: Opera proxies all internet traffic on that browser through their own servers, including breaking SSL as it passes through their servers. Not a big deal most of the time; just don't expect that your SSL traffic is end-to-end secure, or that your non-SSL traffic is ignored through general anonymity.

6) Outgoing CallerID block:  #31#  is the official way to do it via GSM phones like AT&T's. They also seem to support the legacy way to do it -- the popular  *67  code.

7) Ever try VoiceInfo? It's free (except minutes used) and offers quick things like Current Time, News, Weather, and Wake-Up Call (and "Instant Alibi"), all via voice command. Any of these 3 should work:   *8  |  *08  |  #121  . Non-AT&T phones: 800.555.Tell (not all services available).

8) The phone's incoming email address is: 10digitnumber@txt.att.net and 10digitnumber@mms.att.net -- one for SMS/txt and one for MMS. It seems that adding "1" to the beginning will fail (as in: 12128884567@txt.att.net).

9) My real big beef with the phone is all of the pre-loaded bloatware that can't be removed. There are a ton of applications that they pre-install, take up memory, fill up most of the phone's menu, and cost money to use, via monthly subscription fees. It's frustrating that I can't uninstall all of these junk programs.

Workaround: AT&T seems to offer a free "Purchase Blocker" feature to prevent the billing of downloads, subscriptions, online purchases, to one's phone. At least this'll (theoretically) prevent accidental buys and fraudulent cramming.

10) Related issue to #9: The built-in browser locks in a bunch of AT&T bookmarks I have no interest in. Unlike bookmarks I create/add myself, AT&T's bookmarks can't be deleted, and take up valuable screen space. My own bookmarks get added to the way-bottom of the list. C'mon AT&T, please quit treating us like children!

Workaround 1: I created a subfolder for my own bookmarks. That subfolder appears at the top of the list. Another click, but better than scrolling to the bottom of the list each time.

Workaround 2: Use Opera Mini instead (see above).


11) On my bill, I notice that all my data is listed as GPRS. Why not 3G? I'm pretty sure I'm in a 3G area (my phone says so). Is it because I don't use the AT&T/Cingular proxy?



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