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LG Encore GT550 Bug with Text Messaging


LG Encore GT550 Bug with Text Messaging

There's a really annoying text messaging bug with the LG Encore GT550 that sends messages to the wrong recipients. I thought I'd post it here, in hopes that an AT&T employee reads this and relays it to the right department.


First, as background, here are 2 things that work just fine:


1) When viewing text messaging conversations on my device, I can always just hit "Reply" to compose a new message to the recipient. This works whether or not they or I was the last message in the conversation.


2) I can send a Group Text Message to several people. A copy of the message appears in each of the recipients' conversation threads, including a note that it was a Group Message. Everyone who was on the recipient list gets the message a-OK.


Ok, here's the annoying bug:


Imagine I had just sent out a Group Message to a few people. Then, whether soon or days later, I go into a person's conversation, as usual, just send out a simple text message to them. I hit "Reply" as usual, intending of course for the message to go to them. Problem - the message goes to someone else! Who does it go to? It goes to another recipient that was part of the earlier Group Message (possibly the 1st Group Message recipient) -- as appearing in the during-send confirmation screen, and confirmed by the actual person (the wrong recipient) later on. This happens whether or not the former Group Message was the last message in the conversation.


This is frustrating since I end up sending private messages to the wrong person!


A workaround: After the Group Message has been sent, if I then want to send a message to just 1 person, instead of hitting Reply in their thread, I need to just initiate a brand new message and specify them from the Contacts. The message then goes to the right person, and appears in their conversation thread. Thankfully, this also "resets" the bug, and I can resume using Reply to banter back and forth with them.

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