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LG/AT&T Service Problems?


LG/AT&T Service Problems?

I had an HTC aria until about a month ago. i live in central ky and i have always had great service. after moving to college where i live in a dorm, everthing was fine. my htc got broken so i purchased a pantech gophone. sometimes my phone wouldn't send or receive calls or texts then it wouldn't at all for at least a day. purchased an LG thrive yesterday and it's doing the same thing in my dorm only. but they always say i have service. WHAT'S GOING ON?!?!?!

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Re: LG/AT&T Service Problems?

Bad sim card possibly.
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Re: LG/AT&T Service Problems?

would that mess up service?

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Re: LG/AT&T Service Problems?

Yes, it could. It might also depend on the specific area of your dorm room. I would test it out in other areas, too, to see if your issue with the phone persists there.

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