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Kies has not worked on my Skyrocket for some months for checking Firmware Updates.

It says, "Your device does not support software upgrading via Kies"

So how is one to get updates??  Yes I have latest version of Kies.

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Re: Kies

I did a little looking around, it looks like everyone has the same issue you and I have.  They did finally, finally, finally release ICS... but only for the S2, not the Skyrocket edition.  Good thing we paid for for the nicer device so we can wait even longer for AT&T and Samsung to get their act together.


I mean, seriously... Google posted ICS like nine months ago.  The NEXT one, Jelly Bean, was announced already... and we're all still sitting here waiting, like suckers.


The smartest thing Apple ever did was make sure the carriers had absolutely no say, whatsoever, in how OS updates are sent out.  A person could grow old and die waiting on AT&T and Samsung.


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Re: Kies


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