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Just Called ATT wireless and was told......


Just Called ATT wireless and was told......

I was told that most people have already received their phones but I have to wait at least another 3 weeks cause they are told to tell people 3-4 weeks and I've only waited 1 week so far. They'll call my on November 23rd to ask if I've received my phone yet. At that point they'll waive my $35 activation fee for inconvenience. I'm sad I have to wait sooo long for a phone!! I'm lost using an old phone cause I sold my EVO to pay for the iphone. Never thought it would take this long!

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Re: Just Called ATT wireless and was told......

When did you order it? It seems like shipping is picking up and I don't think most people are having to wait the full 3 to 4 weeks anymore. Mine shipped in a week and a half and I ordered on 10/20. They probably just have to tell you 3 to 4 weeks for legal reasons.

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Re: Just Called ATT wireless and was told......

Yeah they seem to be picking up quite a bit. We ordered on 10/22 and my wife's black 32GB shipped today and will be delivered Monday. My 16GB is still on backorder, but there is an identical unit just a few order numbers ahead of mine that has already shipped so I'm hoping mine will ship tomorrow or Monday at the latest.



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Re: Just Called ATT wireless and was told......

Yeah, I ordered mine yesterday and was told 21-28 days. I did get confirmation that the order is in processing, but obviously nothing is happening because the iphone, and the white bundle, I bought are backordered. What a drag. I work for an iPhone developer and had hoped to have this phone so we could do some testing. Just the way the ball bounces, I suppose. Too much demand. What always perplexes me, being married to a director of markenting, is how companies plan so poorly for demand. The logistics of getting these phones out is very mediocre at best. 

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Re: Just Called ATT wireless and was told......

I too just spoke with an AT&T representative, and received word that as of TODAY they have cascaded the wait time from 21-28 days back to 14-21 days. I was told that they've been receiving massive shipments of iphones from Apple this week, and getting them shipped out as quickly as possible. The gentleman was sympathetic throughout the conversation. He also added that it is likely that I would receive my order in less than 14-21 days. I just ordered on 10/29 from the premiere site. Hopefully all of you that ordered way before me receive your new phones quickly! I received my Otterbox Defender Series case today, but it's not that much fun to talk to. :smileytongue:

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