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Just Activated New Phone--Cannot text


Just Activated New Phone--Cannot text

I just upgraded to a Motorola Flipside phone.  I activated it online and it said it may take up to four hours to fully activate.  It's been about four hours, I can call and receive calls, but I can't send or receive text messages.  I called Customer Service but the automated message said I couldn't call using the phone I'm having issues with and that's the only phone I have available at home.  Does anyone know what I can do??

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Re: Just Activated New Phone--Cannot text

So you upgraded (this isn't a new line or ported line).  Was texting working on your old phone that you had before?  


Since it was activated have you tried powering the device off and back on to have it re-register on the network?  Does that solve the texting issue?


What happens when you send a text to the number:  151


Do you get a response?  If not go ahead and call customer service to have them troubleshoot.  The voice message is a generic one.  You should still be able to troubleshoot texting to some degree with you on the phone to some degree.  Worse case is you might have to call back after certain changes.




  1. Turn the device off and back on if the device is not currently in use.
  2. Create a text message.
    • Please make sure you are testing the resolution while the customer is on a seperate device when possible.
      Note: Text messages can be sent and received while the customer is on the device but it may be slower.
  3. Type "text" or "test" in the body of the message.
    Note:  Failure to include one of these words in the body of the message will cause the test to fail.
  4. Send the message with short code "151" as the destination.
    Note:  This is a free SMS message test.
    • Allow up to five minutes for an automatic reply back to the device.
    • If you receive the message "Thank you for choosing AT&T. Text Messaging is working for your account." text messaging is working on your account.
    • If no message is received, or an error message is received please contact Customer Care.



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