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Juice Defender blocked by AT&T


Juice Defender blocked by AT&T

My wife just got a new Galaxy S 2 phone and we've been installing various apps we heard about through various 'best apps" kind of articles.  We tried downloading and installing Juice Defender but the download site says it's not available through our carrier.  I assume this means AT&T has blocked it?  Is this because of some of the problems I read about when I googled it?  It's extremely popular and as far as I can tell is the only app of its kind that lets you create custon schedules to turn things on and off. 


Does anyone know if AT&T has in fact blocked it and if so, if there are plans to reverse this at some point?



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Re: Juice Defender blocked by AT&T

Did you try downloading it through the market or through the website itself? It's in the market, so you should be able to get it in there without a problem. However, you should go into settings, then applications and then check "unknown sources" so you can install non market applications. Smiley Happy

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Re: Juice Defender blocked by AT&T

Yes, attempted this through the Market.  Other app downloads are fine, but it won't let us download Juice Defender specifically.  Since we've only had the phone for a day, this is all new.  Can we just go to another website and download it directly?

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Re: Juice Defender blocked by AT&T

Huh, I just tried to download it in the market, and you're right, it says "this item is not available through your carrier." Interesting.


But, if you go to JuiceDefender - Beta that one will download? Very odd.

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Re: Juice Defender blocked by AT&T

Probably just an Android Market glitch. It happens sometimes. I downloaded it last night after I hard reset my phone and it worked fine.  Wait a day or two and it will probably be back up.

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Re: Juice Defender blocked by AT&T

We have had so many and I mean MANY calls about people using battery saving apps and internet quits connecting. Its mainly because these people don't know how to properly use them but if I had to guess at&t is now blocking them as its becoming to be a big problem.

I myself probably take 5 to 10 calls a day about this issue,imagine that multiplied but every agent and you begin to understand.
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Re: Juice Defender blocked by AT&T

Well, I have a number of Android devices registered to my Google Account, so when I go to market dot android dot com, I can click to download apps, and then a dropdown list allows me to say which device I want it pushed to.


For Juice Defender, the Galaxy S II is greyed out, but the others are not. A message also tells me that my carrier has prevented the app from going to my phone.

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Re: Juice Defender blocked by AT&T

Are you running UCKH7 or UCKK6?


UCKK6 is known to have Market issues because Google hasn't updated things to handle the new fingerprint.

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