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JUST Got Text Messages HOURS Overdue... Why?!


JUST Got Text Messages HOURS Overdue... Why?!

I had just recieved a "spazzing" vibration in my pocket just now... It was my phone, alerting me I had recieved some new text messages. To my surprise, I had 8! Sent to me at 3:26 P.M. and later. It is now almost 7:24 here... That's almost four hours overdue!


Why the delayed messages? I had service throughout the four hour period...


Oh, and now I don't have any service. Ironic that I usually get 3G in this room...





Oh, look here. Now I have four bars of 3G, unlike one minute ago. What I did was turn off and remove the battery of my phone. Now I have service.


This is the third time this has happened to me. WHY?

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